Monday, April 16, 2007

Lin Zinser to Speak on Healthcare

Tomorrow evening, April 17th, Lin Zinser will speak to the Colorado Springs Republican Women about the pernicious influence of government in healthcare and the current proposals for reform. The event is free and open to the public.
Colorado Springs Republican Women

Tuesday - April 17, 2007



PROGRAM: Speaker - Lin Zinser
(see bio to follow)

City Hall
NE Corner of Nevada & Kiowa
Enter at 212 Kiowa (east of original City Hall building)
South side
Academy Room

No Meeting Charge
Open to the public
Need 2 volunteers for refreshments

Speaker Bio:

Lin Zinser practiced law in Denver for 19 years. As an attorney, most
of her work was in business defense litigation. She routinely litigated
cases with medical issues, as well as cases involving insurance issues,
particularly auto, business, disability, and health coverage's. She
received her JD from University of Colorado at Boulder and a B. A. in
Philosophy from Wichita State University.

In 2004, Lin Zinser began bringing speakers to the Denver metro area to
speak on a variety of ethical and political issues. She recently
founded Ideas, Matter, Inc., a non-profit corporation, to further that
effort. Ms. Zinser became concerned with the increasing threat of
socialized medicine in Colorado and nationwide. Freedom and Individual
Rights in Medicine (FIRM) was created as a program of Ideas Matter,
Inc. to serve as a resource, i.e., to educate and inform the public
about the causes of the current condition of health insurance and
health care, as it relates to Colorado.

The Crisis in Colorado Health Care

A state legislated commission was created to look at health care reform
and report to the legislature in November 2007. This brief talk will
quickly identify some of the causes of the current state of health care
and what this commission is doing and why. How do Bill Ritter and
President Bush affect this commission and its plan for Colorado?

God Bless America
Julia A Lindahl
Colorado Springs Republican Women
390-9833 (H) or 494-7129 (C)