Friday, June 27, 2014

Direct Pay Practice In Colorado Springs

MedPageToday recently featured a direct-pay practice by Dr. Mark Tomasulo based in Colorado Springs, CO: "Determined Doc Retrofits Family Medicine".
When the dust settles, the clinic, PeakMed, will house two conversation-oriented consultation rooms fitted with large, landscape-framing windows, and an in-house lab and pharmacy stocked with wholesale prescriptions.

"The point for me is to save you as much money as I possibly can. And provide a service to you that makes you want to come see me," he says.

Tomasulo is gearing up to treat patients in this all-in-one direct pay clinic of his own design, devoid of all third-party oversight. That also means he won't even bill insurance companies or Medicare...

Monthly subscription fees for patients will range from $25 per month for children up to 18 to $85 for adults 65 and older. Subscriptions will include unlimited office visits, 24-hour physician access, and nearly at-cost prescriptions and onsite lab work.

Tomasulo says he intends to encourage all of his patients to maintain a catastrophic policy for hospital coverage. "Our goal is to provide primary care, not all-encompassing care. It's imperative that someone has insurance. You would never want to go without insurance," he says.
I hope Dr. Tomasulo's practice thrives!

(Note: I have no commercial or other affiliation with his PeakMed practice.)