Monday, February 24, 2014

Hsieh Forbes OpEd: Can You Trust What's In Your Electronic Medical Record?

My latest Forbes piece is now up: "Can You Trust What's In Your Electronic Medical Record?"

I discuss how government-mandated electronic medical records are hampering doctors' ability to practice and resulting in medical errors. I also discuss 4 concrete steps patients can take to protect themselves.

I didn't mention this in the Forbes piece, but there was a terrific drawing in the Journal of the American Medical Association from a couple of years ago by a 7-year old girl depicting her recent doctor visit:
No one was more surprised than the physician himself. The drawing was unmistakable. It showed the artist—a 7-year-old girl—on the examining table. Her older sister was seated nearby in a chair, as was her mother, cradling her baby sister. The doctor sat staring at the computer, his back to the patient—and everyone else. All were smiling. The picture was carefully drawn with beautiful colors and details, and you couldn't miss the message...

Even young children understand the effect of electronic medical records on their care.

(Note: There is some overlap in material with my earlier PJ Media piece, "The Eyes of Big Medicine: Electronic Medical Records".  But most of the content -- and the emphasis -- in this latest piece is new.)