Thursday, June 13, 2013

Med Students in the New System

Washington Times: "Medical students' prognosis unclear with 'Obamacare'; many don't understand law".

Includes quotes from Dr. Beth Haynes of the Benjamin Rush Society and Docs4PatientCare:
“The interaction I have with students — they’re young and enthusiastic, and I don’t think they’ve had that much real-life experience understanding what lies ahead,” said Dr. Haynes, who also serves as senior policy analyst for Docs 4 Patient Care, which opposes the president’s health care law. “More physicians are going to become employees instead of small-business owners, and I have no problem with that decision, but then you’re getting to be more like civil servants.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but Dr. Haynes and other physicians worry that the nation’s straight-A students aren’t pulling all-nighters in order to work someday for the medical equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

“What kind of individual is going to want to enter the medical school under those circumstances?” said Dr. Haynes. “That’s the concern of where things could be headed.”

Here's a video of Dr. Haynes discussing this in more detail on CNBC.