Thursday, April 25, 2013

Haynes on MOC

Dr. Beth Haynes is quoted in this article, "Maintenance of Certification: A New Way to Control Docs?"
Many physicians worry that requirements like that are just thinly veiled attempts by hospitals, academics, and associations — what Kunkle calls healthcare’s “artificial aristocracy” — to control the way doctors work and interact with the healthcare system, not just how effectively they treat patients.

“If you think about lawyers, they pass the board once, that’s it,” says Beth Haynes, a family doctor in San Francisco and executive director of the Benjamin Rush Society, the physicians’ group that’s putting on the debate at the University of Pennsylania... Haynes is referring to the bar exam, of course. “That’s what we used to with board certification. It was a lifetime mark of achievement, period. But now it’s becoming this very intrusive way of trying to tell people how to practice. … It’s just complete micromanaging of physicians.”