Monday, October 25, 2010

My Latest in Denver Post and CapMag

Two of my health care pieces have just been published:

The October 23, 2010 Denver Post has published "The 'Right To Health Care Choice'is right for Colorado".

Here is the opening:
Suppose the government required everyone to purchase their meals from state-run restaurants. The government would also select the menu items. If you liked spinach but their vegetable choice was broccoli, then tough luck. Everyone would also have to purchase dessert, whether they wanted it or not. And if some customers couldn't afford the overpriced meals, you'd have to cover their tab.

Most Coloradans would be outraged at such a violation of their basic freedoms. But this is precisely what ObamaCare does with health insurance -- and which the "Right To Health Care Choice" Initiative (Amendment 63) would help prevent.
(Read the full text of "The 'Right To Health Care Choice'is right for Colorado".)

Also, Capitalism Magazine has just posted "A Medical Doctor Explains the Pros and Cons of ObamaCare: An Interview with Dr. Paul Hsieh".

(Thank you, Joshua Lipana, for that nice interview!)