Monday, July 5, 2010

Resendes on ObamaCare

In the June 29, 2010 RealClearMarkets, Dr. Maria Resendes lays out "A Doctor's Take On Health Care".

Dr. Resendes notes the following:
"Obamacare", as it is colloquially termed, is financially a disaster for doctors, hospitals, insurers, and will ultimately be a disaster for our nation's budget. It is also unfortunate for patients needing care.
She then proceeds to show how perverse economic incentives will drive doctors out of private practice and into "foundation" practices. And how it will also strangle private insurance.

The end result:
Looking ahead, it is increasingly apparent that by 2020 we will have severe cuts in service thanks to rising retirement among doctors, a decrease in the number of private insurers, and a reduction in the number of hospitals due to federal mandates that fail to marry costs with services. The end result will be rationing and delay of elective procedures, denial of expensive but effective treatments a la England, and most likely a single-payer system the likes of which is seen in other, less advanced health care systems around the world.
(Read the full text of "A Doctor's Take On Health Care".)

This will be the inevitable consequence of the continued government take-over of medicine. Fortunately, it's not too late to prevent this -- if we insist on repealing ObamaCare and replacing it with genuine free market reforms.

(Via @TOSjournal.)