Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pipes: MA Health Meltdown Is Your Future

In the May 25, 2010 New York Post, Sally Pipes is the latest analyst to warn Americans that the "Massachusetts health meltdown is your future".

Here's an excerpt:
The Massachusetts "health reform" disease means more than just bureaucrats setting prices. It also includes rising government spending and taxes; politicians demonizing doctors, hospitals and insurers -- and patients getting lectured that the restrictions of managed care are good medicine...

Government finally caring about the little guy? Hold your cheers -- because the inevitable next step is rationing at the point of consumption. Massachusetts state Senate President Therese Murray has proposed putting an end to "fee for service" medicine in the next five years and moving to a system of capitated managed care, where doctors receive a flat fee for each assigned patient.

This "HMOs for all" approach is designed to lead to soft rationing -- which, in medical terms, means people will have a hard time finding doctors or seeing the ones they have. It's already started. In Massachusetts, one doctor in two is not accepting new patients. Waits for treatment in Boston are the highest in the nation.
(Read the full text of "Massachusetts health meltdown is your future".)

Fortunately, Americans aren't being fooled by the pro-ObamaCare rhetoric. Nearly 2/3rds of likely voters still want ObamaCare repealed.

Let's hope our politicians decide to listen.