Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hsieh CSM OpEd - "Health Care in MA: Warning for America"

The September 30, 2009 Christian Science Monitor has published my latest OpEd, "Health Care in Massachusetts: A Warning for America".

Here is the introduction:
In his recent speech to Congress, President Obama could have promoted healthcare reforms that tapped the power of a truly free market to lower costs and improve access. Instead, he chose to offer a national version of the failing "Massachusetts plan" based on mandatory health insurance. This is a recipe for disaster.

Three years ago, Massachusetts adopted a plan requiring all residents to purchase health insurance, with state subsidies for lower-income residents. But rather than creating a utopia of high-quality affordable healthcare, the result has been the exact opposite -- skyrocketing costs, worsened access, and lower quality care...
(Read the full text of "Health Care in Massachusetts: A Warning for America".)

It's also mirrored here at Yahoo! Opinion.