Monday, October 6, 2008

Arizona Updates

Sandy Szwarc notes two positive stories from Arizona.

First, she has a nice writeup of Dr. Steven Knope's efforts to practice quality medicine free from onerous insurance company restrictions in a concierge practice. For more on this, see his blog.

Second, she reports on the proposed "Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act", which would prevent the state from imposing a Massachusetts-style individual insurance mandate on its residents.

As Sue Blevins, RN (and president of the Institute for Health Freedom) notes:
Supporters of the ballot initiative want to ensure that no health-reform scheme will strip them of their freedom to pay privately for health care. Opponents are concerned that if the initiative passes, it could preclude mandatory socialized health insurance.
Sounds good to me! I just wish Colorado voters had the chance to support a similar measure, which would go a long ways towards protecting our individual rights in health care.